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"This is illogical"

Domain of the Dread One

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Greetings, friends. I am Matt (the lovely young lady with me is my beautiful wife, Elizabeth). This page is my dedication to knowledge, wisdom, and the search for better things. A lot of what you read and see here will be philosophical BS to most. I am self taught in everything I say, and hope to teach over the internet.

We LOVE you!

My interests are:
Freedom, Truth, and Justice.

The description of my page is:
Exploring wisdom
Finding truth
Rage Against the Machine
The Fist of the North Star
Star Wars and Star Trek
Role-playing games and Magic
and football (especially Tim Dwight)

Email me at punisher129@hotmail.com in the meantime.
I still have much work to do, so do not dismay. And please don't take everything here too seriously, I like to have fun and I hope I will be able to make this page fun. If you want a quick tip to gain all the knowledge in the universe, look no further than what is written in these parentheses: ( ). Everything you need to find truth and the ultimate knowledge is contained within them.

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